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Which Zoe strollers are infant compatible?

All of Zoe's current model strollers are rated for children 3 months and up. With the addition of a Car Seat Adapter, the Zoe Tour, Twinᵛ², and Trioᵛ² can work for your infant from day 1! (Keep in mind, The Twinᵛ¹ double stroller is not compatible wi

As a parent, will a Zoe stroller fit my height?

We developed all of our strollers to have an ideal handlebar height. While there's no way to truly develop the perfect height, we tried to take into account all of the issues that shorter or taller people encounter with strollers. To increase compa

What are the height limits and size recommendations for Zoe strollers?

Each Zoe stroller has a weight limit specified in the product details, however most products have a weight limit of 45 lbs.  To figure out if each Zoe stroller would be a good fit for your child in regards to height, check out the measurements listed

Zoe All-Terrain Wheels - FAQs

Learn more about Zoe's All-Terrain wheels - compatible with Tour, Twin, Trio, Tribe, and Tandem Strollers!

Contact Phone Number & Email Address

We do our best to provide as much information on our website as possible, but we know that sometimes, you need to reach out. Our Customer Experience team is filled with moms, baby gear experts, and overall amazing people who want to help you find the

What's the difference between the Tour and the Traveler?

While both strollers offer a light-weight, compact design, each is designed with a primary need in mind. The Traveler is best if you find yourself traveling often — particularly airport travel. Its fold is slightly more compact and frame is smaller,

How to Fold The Twin and The Tour Strollers

One of the best features on the Zoe Twin+ & Tour+ strollers is the super easy, compact fold! Below you'll find a few common questions with our corresponding answers.