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What are the height limits and size recommendations for Zoe strollers?Updated 2 years ago

Each Zoe stroller has a weight limit specified in the product details, however most products have a weight limit of 45 lbs. 

To figure out if each Zoe stroller would be a good fit for your child in regards to height, check out the measurements listed in the 'Product Specs' section on the product's detail page. You'll notice that we provide detailed seat measurements including depth, width, and height of the seat itself as well as a measurement of seat to canopy height. Most of our products have an 18" seat back with additional head room under the canopy.

You'll want to measure your child from their waist to the top of their shoulders and compare this measurement to the seatback height. Then, measure your child from their waist to the top of their head and compare to the seat to canopy measurement. 

It's totally ok if your child's shoulders will go above the seat back slightly. It's actually common in many strollers as children get older, but you probably won't want your child's head hitting the top of the canopy, so that measurement is probably most important when determining if your child is within the height capacity of each Zoe stroller.

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