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How to Fold The Twin and The Tour StrollersUpdated 4 months ago

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Zoe Twin and Tour Fold:

One of the best features on the Zoe Twin & Tour strollers is the super easy, compact fold! Below you'll find a few common questions with our corresponding answers.

How to fold/unfold:

  1. Before folding the stroller, lock the rear brake, close the canopies, and recline the seat backs at least partially (note: stroller may not fold properly if the seat backs are fully upright)
  2. Stand in front of the stroller, and reach under the two fabric flaps in the bottom of the seat that have a LOCK icon on them.
  3. Place each hand into one of the straps beneath the fabric flaps.
  4. Pull upwards on the straps in a jerking motion to unlock the mechanisms and initiate the fold. Lift the stroller up in the air as it folds in half.
  5. If needed, squeeze the stroller together so the latch on the side of the stroller can connect with the pin also and automatically lock into place.
  6. To unfold your stroller, simply lift up the fold latch. Next, grab the parent handle and pull upward to open. You should hear an audible click confirming that your stroller is in the locked position.
  7. ALWAYS ensure your stroller is fully unfolded and locked into the unfolded position before using. Press down on the seats to confirm that the stroller is locked.  

My Zoe Tour or Twin won't fold, gets stuck when folding, and/or one seat is higher than the other. What should I do?

If you're experiencing a tight fold, one solution is to recline your seats somewhat before folding. If your stroller is slightly reclined to fully reclined, you'll notice that it folds very easily. Over time, you may notice that the issue disappears and reclining prior to folding is no longer needed. 

Zoe strollers are made with very high-end fabrics. They are very comfortable and non-rigid, but just like other high-end materials, they may take just a little bit of usage to fully break in. One of the most-loved features of the Zoe Twin & Tour is the deeper recline. The incline position stretches the fabric to its limit when brand-new, and because the recline mechanisms are stronger than most strollers, the seats are held very tightly in the fully inclined position. This is great while you're strolling around with your toddler, but it does make the fold feel just a bit more rigid at first when the seats are fully inclined. This is not a manufacturing issue or a defect in any way; it's actually purposeful. 

One seat being slightly higher than the other, and/or one fold strap on the Twin being slightly larger than the other is also a normal part of the Twin fold mechanism. If you flip your stroller and look at the base of each seat, you'll notice that the left seat has two fold latches, while the right only has one. This is a normal part of the fold design, and it sometimes causes the stroller to look asymmetrical when folded. 


If you believe you have a more significant problem with your stroller folding, reach out to our Customer Experience Team ~ [email protected]


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