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Terra Single & Double All-Terrain Strollers

Running with your Terra

The Terra is a great stroller for getting active outdoors. If you're planning to run with your Terra, or you are headed towards steep/rough terrain, there are a few steps you'll need to take to ensure optimal performance and safety.  Step 1: Lock you

How do I install or remove wheels on the Terra?

Installing (or removing) your Terra wheels is simple and requires no tools.     Installing wheels: Push each wheel into its wheel well until you hear a click. Be sure to pull on the wheel after installation to ensure that it is fully locked. Removin

How do I lock the front wheel of the Terra?

Locking the front wheel of your Terra helps create more stability when you're off the beaten path, or while running. To lock the front wheel, press down on the black button at the top of the front wheel, then spin the wheel until it locks into place.

What is the minimum age for The Terra?

Without any attachments or further support, the Terra is suitable for children 3 months and up. With the addition of a Car Seat Adapter, the Terra can work for your infant from day 1! These recommendations are based on *walking* with the stroller, as

How much storage does The Terra have?

The Terra has a large storage basket underneath that is 8” deep. This is ideal for diaper bags, blankets, jackets, and more! It's designed to hold up to 10 lbs. The basket contains a zipper pocket on the outside, accessible from the rear of the strol

How do I fold The Terra for storage?

Reach under the two fabric flaps in the bottom of the seat that have a LOCK icon on them. Place each hand into one of the straps beneath the fabric flaps (the single has one strap, the double has two - one on each seat). Pull up in a jerking motio

How do I change the height of The Terra handlebar?

To change the handlebar height, press the two circles on either side of the handlebar, and move the bar up or down. There are three possible settings that you can use – find the best fit for you!   View more instructional videos for The Terra.

What are the height & weight limits for The Terra?

Wondering if this stroller is a good fit for your child? The maximum weight per seat is 75 lbs for the single and 46 lbs (per seat) for the double. For height, you’ll want to review the detailed seat measurements including depth, width, and height of

Which accessories are available for The Terra?

The Terra has its own snack tray, car seat adapter, and single storage backpack. Additionally, you can use Zoe’s stroller carry straps, parent organizer, child snack/drink cups, and entertainment holder with this stroller. The car seat adapter is des