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Running with your TerraUpdated 2 months ago

The Terra is a great stroller for getting active outdoors. If you're planning to run with your Terra, or you are headed towards steep/rough terrain, there are a few steps you'll need to take to ensure optimal performance and safety. 

Step 1: Lock your rear brake. Before adjusting your stroller, we always recommend that you lock it in a secure position. 

Step 2: Lock the front wheel. Press down on the black lever behind the front wheel, and swivel the wheel until it locks in place. This is critical as it ensures stability and creates a smooth ride as your speeds increase and you take on rougher terrain. 

Step 3: Loop your wrist through the tether strap. This keeps the stroller secured and connected to you, which is especially important as you increase your speed and/or head downhill.


Ready to run? Let's go! Buckle your child in securely and unlock the rear brake to get strollin'.


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