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How do I fold The Terra for storage?Updated 2 months ago


Reach under the two fabric flaps in the bottom of the seat that have a LOCK icon on them.

Place each hand into one of the straps beneath the fabric flaps (the single has one strap, the double has two - one on each seat).

Pull up in a jerking motion to unlock the locking mechanisms and initiate the fold.

If needed when new, squeeze the stroller together so the latch on the side of the stroller can connect with the pin also on the same side of the stroller and automatically lock into place. As you fold your stroller a few times, the fabric will begin to break in and the stroller will begin to automatically lock.

To unfold your stroller, simply pull outward on the end of the locking clip and then upwards and outwards on your handlebar until you hear an audible click.

Ensure your stroller is fully unfolded and locked into the unfolded position before using.


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