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Zoe Stroller Wheels - Options & DetailsUpdated 4 months ago

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Do you know what kind of wheels you need?

Your choices are rubber, PU or EVA – there are significant differences in performance and durability for each of these wheels. Let's look at each wheel type to know what is best for you when choosing your new stroller. All Zoe stroller wheels are solid and require no pumping or air (don’t worry - you’ll never get caught stranded with a flat!)

PU/polyurethane (Our Everyday wheels)

  • PU is a manufactured product designed around 50 years ago that mimics the rubber's grip and softness. These wheels are a unique product that offers the elasticity of rubber wheels combined with the toughness and durability of metal wheels. This makes polyurethane the perfect tread for transportation wheels, traction wheels and guiding rollers.

EVA plastic with a rubber skin outer layer (Our All-Terrain Wheels)

  • Rubber is a natural material sourced from the rubber tree. It is the highest quality wheel material, with superb grip, durability and softness. Rubber wheels feel incredibly smooth to push and work well at any temperature. In addition, rubber is the safest material - it doesn't slide on smooth or wet surfaces and lasts longer. 

EVA plastic (Our Lightweight Travel Wheels)

  • EVA is the abbreviation for “ethylene vinyl acetate” – a plastic made from the combination of ethylene and vinyl acetate. This elastomeric polymer can be used to make products that are rubber-like in their softness and flexibility. Being as lightweight as possible is the most important factor here.

Everyday Wheels

The perfect blend of our Lightweight Travel Wheels and our All-Terrains, our Everyday Wheels are ideal for sidewalks or light off-roading. They're lighter and smaller than our All-Terrains, but more durable than Lightweight Travel Wheels. These wheels are our most versatile option & come standard on all of our V2 strollers.

All-Terrain Wheels

With a larger diameter and bigger tread, our All-Terrain Wheels are designed for wherever your adventure takes you. If you find yourself off the beaten path often (think chasing kiddos through a field or maybe just battling those city sidewalks that haven't been repaired in 30 years), these wheels are for you. They are about 1-1.5" larger in diameter than our other wheel options, helping you navigate the bumps of life with ease. 

To see all about All-Terrain Wheels, check out this FAQ page

Lightweight Travel Wheels

These original ball-bearing wheels are our smoothest, lightest wheels - ideal for travel. They come standard on all of our V1 Strollers as well as the Traveler strollers. 

What is the size difference? 

All-Terrain Wheel Dimensions: are 1-1.5" in diameter larger than our Travel and Everyday Wheels. Additionally, the tires on the All-Terrain wheels are 1.5" wide, while our Travel and Everyday Wheels are 1" wide.

How much heavier will the All-Terrain wheels make my stroller?

Tour - 1.8lbs

Twin - 2.2 lbs

Tandem - 2.9 lbs

Trio & Tribe - 3.4 lbs

Note - this is in comparison to the Lightweight Travel wheels. To read more about All-Terrain Wheels, check out this FAQ page

Installing & removing your wheels





Can I use any of these wheels on my Twinᵛ¹ or the Twinᵛ²

Yes! As long as you're purchasing a set of Twin wheels, any of our three wheel types will work.

Which wheels do I need for Disney?

Most Disney strolls will be on smooth surfaces - ideal for our Lightweight Travel or Everyday wheels. However, our All-Terrain Wheels are designed to go wherever you go! They'll give you a bit more flexibility anytime you're off the beaten path, and they'll help you navigate larger bumps, train tracks, and other obstacles with ease. 

Will my stroller still fit in my Zoe Storage Backpack with these wheels? 

Yes, current models of Storage Backpacks are designed to accommodate all of our wheel types. If you have an older backpack, the wheels can be easily removed in under a minute, and you can add them to your storage bag once they're removed. See the photos below for recommended packing in our older model Storage Backpacks: 

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