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Instructions & Registration


Need a digital manual? You've come to the right spot.  Click on your stroller to download the manual:  The Twin+ The Terra Single The Terra Double

Attaching your Washable Seat Liners

Use our washable seat liners to create a cozier ride for your kiddo and to keep your stroller protected from messes. Because we all know…spit happens.   To add one to your stroller: Start at the top, unthread the shoulder harness from the buckle. S

Easy Stroller Cleaning Instructions

Due to the high-end nature of our fabrics, they are extremely easy to clean and shed most stains and spills. Our cleaning instruction details are on the tags on the back of the stroller’s seat for easy reference. We recommend a warm, damp cloth and a

How do you register your Zoe?

After you receive your purchase, you can register your product(s) by using online registration form. If you choose to register your product online, you will need a few basic pieces of information about your product which are detailed on your registra

Foot Muff & Bunting Installation

Easily keep your littles warm and cozy by adding these to your Zoe stroller. Bunting Installation:. Foot Muff Installation:.