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Rain Cover FAQsUpdated 10 months ago

Which rain cover will fit my stroller? 

We developed our single stroller rain cover to fit all of our current single stroller models: The Tour+, Traveler, and Trip.

The Twin+ & Tandem+ have their own rain covers. The Tandem+ rain cover is a single piece that covers both the base and the add-on seat. 

To order a rain cover for The Trio+, we recommend purchasing The Twin+ rain cover and The Tour+ rain cover

To order a rain cover for The Tribe+, we recommend ordering 2 Twin+ rain covers. 

Tips & tricks for installation: 

  • To get the proper fit, remove the parent cup holder (if attached).
  • Route the handlebar through the top opening of the rain cover.
  • Pull the cup holder attachment knob through the other side of the rain cover on the other side of the handlebar and re-attach the parent cup holder if applicable. This allows the rain cover to lower and sit down on the top of the stroller properly.
  • Lastly, use the velcro attachments at the bottom of the rain cover to securely attach it to the top of the front wheel housings if desired.
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