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Trio + Tribe

Which add-on seat is compatible with my Twin?

What’s in the Guide:. If your stroller has an adjustable parent handlebar, you have the Twinᵛ² (latest release). If your stroller does not have the adjustable parent handlebar, you have the Twinᵛ¹ (original version). For the Twinᵛ¹ -  You want to mak

What's the difference between the Trio/Tribeᵛ¹ and the Trio/Tribeᵛ²?

Does this stroller fit through doorways? Yes, it sure does! The Twin+ is 29" wide. The width of most modern standard doorways ranges from 30-34". Can this stroller be turned into a triple or our quad stroller?  Yes, all Zoe Twin+ strollers can be com