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Traveler FAQsUpdated 3 months ago

The Traveler is perfect for your next flight or cross-country road trip — its compact fold fits in airplane overhead bins and leaves you plenty of trunk space. Its lightweight frame and easy fold frees you up to take on any adventure with your little.

Can I bring this stroller on an airplane easily? 

Yes! This stroller fits in most overhead bins - no need to gate check (and risk damage) – with our most compact fold.

Which wheels are compatible with this stroller? 

The Traveler comes with Zoe's ultra-smooth Luxe wheels. It is not compatible with our All-Terrain Wheels (check out the Tour+ if you need more wheel options!)

Just how compact is this stroller? 

The folded dimensions are 10 in x 19in x 22in. The belly bar (and the optional snack tray) both fold into the stroller, so they don't add extra dimensions. This stroller is perfect to fit behind a passenger seat in front of a carseat - it's small-sedan-friendly and perfect for tight spaces.

At just 13 lbs, it's easy to fold and carry if you need to tote it up a stairwell (grab a stroller carry strap to make this even simpler).

How do I open or fold the Traveler? 

Opening: Press and hold Release button while lifting the handle up and snap stroller away from you. Press down on the seat to make sure it’s fully opened. If needed, squeeze the two sidebars together until bars are parallel and red warning tabs are no longer visible.

Closing: Lock the rear brakes and close the canopy. Press and hold the release button, as you tilt the stroller backwards onto its rear wheels. Then press down on the parent handle bar and the front belly bar will fold inward.

Watch a video guide here

Can I use any of my existing Zoe accessories with this stroller? 

Depends on which accessories you have! The following accessories are compatible with the Traveler: 

Will the new Traveler snack tray & belly bar work on older models of the Traveler or the Trip? 

No, older models of the Traveler and the Trip do not have connection points for a snack tray or belly bar. These new accessories are only compatible with the NEW 2023 model of the Traveler (released Feb 2023). 

What's new with this Traveler? How is it different from Zoe's previous Traveler models? 

This model includes many of the features parents love about the Traveler, and we've included the following upgrades: 

  • Belly bar + snack tray compatibility
  • New melange fabrics & luxe details
  • New + upgraded buckle
  • Bigger, more durable storage basket

Should I get the Traveler or the Tour+?

While both strollers offer a light-weight, compact design, each is designed with a primary need in mind. The Traveler is best if you find yourself traveling often — particularly airport travel. Its fold is slightly more compact and frame is smaller, allowing it to fit in most overhead bins.

The Tour+ is slightly wider with a taller seat back (18 inches to be exact), making it better for day to day use as your little grows and you more frequently need increased storage. The Tour+ also is compatible with our car seat adapter, all-terrain wheels, and an add-on seat — turning it into a Tandem+ Stroller for your growing family. 

Check out our full comparison of the Traveler & Tour+ here.

Which snack tray should I get with this stroller?

You can get The Traveler snack tray here. It folds into the stroller just like the belly bar — keeping the stroller compact at all times. 

Which bundles are compatible with this stroller?

What are the age and weight requirements for the Traveler?

The Traveler is recommended for children 3 months and up, with a maximum child weight of 45 lbs.

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