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Getting Started Guide - The TourUpdated 13 days ago

What’s in the Guide:

The Tour is the ideal everyday, take-anywhere stroller. Its design is compact and lightweight, while still boasting many of the features of a full size stroller. With the car seat adapter, this stroller can carry your little one from birth well through the older toddler years. 

Setting up Your Tour

We know your hands are already full, that's why your Tour will arrive 90% assembled. Follow these steps to get strollin' in 5 minutes are less -- no tools required. 

How to Fold and Open The Tour

One of the best features on the Zoe Tour strollers is the super easy, compact fold! Below you'll find a few common questions with our corresponding answers.

How to fold/unfold

To fold the stroller, lock wheels, recline the seat back, close the canopy. Stand facing the stroller, locate the unlock tab in the center of the stroller seat. Pull upward on the strap (1), lifting the stroller up in the air as it folds in half. Lock the fold latch (2).

To unfold the stroller, lift the fold latch (2) then grab the parent handle and pull upward until the stroller is fully opened.

Pro tip: Make sure your seat back is at least partially reclined (not fully upright) to easily collapse the stroller. Need more tips? Check out this article. For more tips, see "Tips & Tricks" below.

Installing and removing the wheels

Installing & removing the front wheels

Insert the metal pin on the wheel into the black tube until you hear an audible click. To remove swivel wheel, press silver release button and pull the wheel out.

Installing & removing your rear wheels

Insert the metal pin into the black tube on each end of rear wheel axle. Wheel locks with a click. Pull on wheel to make sure it’s locked in place. Pull gently on all wheels after installation to make sure they are properly locked in place.

To remove, press the silver rear wheel release button located underneath each brake lever (1), then pull the wheel away from the shaft.

Install the canopy

Install each canopy arm (1) into the canopy clip (2). Fasten the canopy velcro on both sides of the stroller and rear seat back.

Attach the parent cup holder

Make space for your mom juice of choice! Slide the parent cup holder (1) onto the mounting post (2). 

Add the belly bar or snack tray (optional)

To install the belly bar (1) push the red tabs in and slide the belly bar on the round connectors (2) until you hear a click.

Tips and tricks

If you're experiencing a tight fold: One solution is to recline your seat somewhat before folding. If your stroller is slightly reclined to fully reclined, you'll notice that it folds very easily. Over time, you may notice that the issue disappears and reclining prior to folding is no longer needed. 

Locking & unlocking your front swivel wheels

Locking your front wheels can help if you're traveling through rougher terrain or uneven surfaces. To lock the front wheels, slide the black wheel locks down (1). Slide the lock up until you hear a click to restore swivel action.

Canopy pro tips

The Tour's extra large canopy is a huge benefit when tackling sunny days, naps on-the-go, or pop up storms. Pull the front of the canopy forward to extend. Note - one panel is folded under the front panel and one panel is zipped. Unzip and fully extend for maximum coverage!

How to install or replace your canopy

How to install or replace your basket


Looking for extra air flow? Release the velcro on the seat back and roll up the rear panel. Secure the panel in place using the small clips on the canopy. 

Adjusting the harness to fit your child

Push the center (1) harness button to release. Put center harness (2) between child’s legs. Insert both right and left side of buckle (3) to fasten. Push button on either side of the buckle (4) and pull the waist straps to tighten and secure child. Adjust shoulder straps through the loops on the seat back to be the best fit for your child. Straps should be at or just above the child’s shoulders.

Keeping your stroller in tip-top shape

Need to clean your stroller? 

We recommend hand wishing with a damp sponge. Wipe out excess water with a dry cloth and dry in shaded area. For stubborn dirt, dilute a mild detergent then apply directly to the dirty area. Wipe out the detergent. Make sure the stroller fabric has fully dried before folding.

If your kids are super messy... (who are we kidding... they all are!)

Check out our washable seat liners. These are simple to install, machine washable, and a mom's best friend. Get your peace of mind back and stop stressing about your messy eater while protecting your stroller

Register your Tour

You can register your stroller online or through the mail. Grab the postcard that was attached to your stroller when you unboxed it for all of the info you'll need. Fill out the fields on the postcard, or go here to register online. Registering your stroller ensures you'll be properly notified of any safety alerts or recalls. 

Need Help? We're Here!

Zoe's world class Customer Experience Team is here to help you every step of the way. If you have questions of any kind, reach out. 

Find us on chat most weekdays, text us (866-701-1720), or send us an email ~ [email protected].


Your kid might not have a return policy, but we sure do! We offer a 30-day trial period so you can test out Zoe products in the convenience and comfort of your own home. The goal of this policy is to let you test drive the stroller in your home and truly *feel* how awesome our products are. We know that sometimes you just need to see it for yourself and experience the ease, comfort, and simplicity of Zoe. Please be mindful of keeping items in new condition and avoid using strollers outdoors to ensure a full refund. 

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Your Zoe stroller is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase under normal use and in compliance with the operating instructions.

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Download the Manual

Looking for more information about the Tour? Check out additional Tour FAQs.

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