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Frame Replacement Process - TravelerUpdated 2 months ago

Changing the frame on your stroller is easy peasy - you don't even need tools 🎉 ! If you are receiving a replacement frame for your stroller, here's a quick guide that will make the process simple (well, at least easier than trying to convince your toddler to put on her jacket): 

Start by removing the following from your current stroller: 

  • Wheels
  • Belly bar, snack tray, or child cup/snack holders
  • Add-on seats (if applicable)
  • Canopies
  • Basket
  • Parent cup holder
  • Any other accessories

You'll essentially remove anything that is not permanently attached to the seat portion of your stroller.

Once you have removed these items to put on the new frame, you can can discard your original stroller frame. All of the parts that you removed from the original frame can be easily added to your new frame when you receive it. 

See the photos below showing which parts you'll remove, as well a visual example of your replacement frame.


*these are the parts you should remove from your old frame to add to your new stroller👇


*your replacement frame will look like this👇


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