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The Tandem FAQsUpdated 5 months ago

Can this stroller be turned into a single stroller? 

Yes, the Tandem+ stroller works as a single or double stroller to give you versatility as your family grows. It is created using the Zoe Tour+ (single) and the Tandem+ Add-On Seat

Can the Tandem be split into two single strollers? 

No, the Tandem does not separate into two single strollers. When separated, the stroller can only be used as a single.

How long will my kids be able to ride in the Tandem?

Kids all grow at different rates, so measurements are your best bet in knowing what will work for your family. The youngest age recommended for this stroller is 3 months. The maximum weight per seat is 45 lbs, and the seat back measures 23" from the (bottom of seat to canopy) and has a seat back height of 16" (tandem seat) and 18" (Tour+ base).

How do you fold this stroller? 

The Tour+ base must be separated from the tandem add-on seat in order to fold. Once separated, each seat folds with one quick pull of the strap at the seat base.

Is this stroller covered by a warranty? 

Yes! All Zoe strollers are covered under our 1-year warranty. Learn more about our warranty policy here. 

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