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Storage Backpack FAQsUpdated 2 months ago

Which storage backpack will fit my stroller?

Zoe stroller backpacks are designed to help protect your stroller and make them easier to carry on all of your adventures. Here's a quick guide to help you find the best fit: 


Which stroller do you have?

The Tour: The Single Stroller Backpack

The Trip: The Single Stroller Backpack

The Traveler: The Single Stroller Backpack

The Twin:  The Twin Backpack

The Trio: The Trio Backpack Set (2 Backpacks: one for the Twin+ piece & one for the Trio+ Add-On Seat)

The Tribe: The Tribe Backpack Set (2 Backpacks: one for the Twin+ piece & one for the Tribe+ Add-On Seat)

The Tandem: Tandem Stroller Backpack: Fits the Entire Tandem Stroller including both pieces (The Tour+ Stroller & Tandem Add-On Seat)

The Terra Single: The Terra Single Backpack

(Keep in mind we do not currently have a backpack for the Terra Double)

How to add your stroller to your backpack

Step-by-step instructions if needed:

1. Lay the collapsed stroller on its back with the footrest pointing to the sky. 

2. Place the travel backpack bag on the ground at the foot of the stroller with the Zoe logo pointed up to the sky and the top zipper at the foot of the stroller just below the stroller wheels. 

3. Unzip the travel backpack bag. 

4. Remove the child cup holders, child snack cups, adult cup holder, and belly bar from the stroller. 

5. Slide the stroller, wheels first, into the travel backpack bag. 

6. Pull the bag up and around the stroller until it completely encloses the stroller. 

7. Place accessories into the bag. 

8. Zip the travel backpack bag closed.

Additional FAQs:

Q: Can you put the stroller into the backpack with the wheels attached?

A: Yes, but not with the All-Terrain Wheels


Q: Do the straps come attached to the backpack?

A: Yes


Q: Can you detach the backpack straps to use on your stroller as a single or double carry strap?

A: No, but you can purchase one or two-packs of the stroller carry strap on our website.


Q: Do I need to remove all accessories before using the backpack?

A: It depends on which accessories you have attached. Most Zoe strollers will fit into the backpack with the cup holders attached, BUT we highly recommend removing them. It takes just a second and it helps prevent damage to your stroller. Belly bars and snack trays should be removed before using the backpack.


Q: Is there extra room inside the backpack for the accessories and other things like clothing, etc?

A: Yes! In all of our backpacks there is a little extra room for various items. We recommend utilizing the stroller basket first as it protected by the stroller itself, but there are several spots inside the backpack where there is room for accessories. 

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