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Snack Tray FAQsUpdated 3 months ago

Which snack tray is compatible with my stroller?

The Zoe Snack Tray makes sure that feeding your animals...we mean kiddos...is super EASY! Featuring a durable tray with a cup holder and room for plenty of treats. Making it the perfect on-the-go snack station with the option of taking a well-deserved nap later.


Which stroller do you have?

The Tour+: The Single Snack Tray

The Traveler: The Traveler Snack Tray (only the 2023 Traveler model is compatible, any previous year Traveler will not be)

The Twin+:  The Twin+ Double Snack Tray or The Single Snack Tray (if you want it on one side only)

The Trio+: The Single Snack Tray (Can only add to the front Trio+ Add-On Seat)

The Tribe+: The Twin+ Double Snack Tray (Can only add to the front Tribe+ Add-On Seat)

The Tandem+: The Single Snack Tray (Can only add to the front Tandem+ Add-On Seat)

The Terra Single: The Terra Single Snack Tray

The Terra Double: The Terra Double Snack Tray

The Trip: Not compatible with a snack tray


Additional FAQs:

Q: Can you add two single snack trays to the Twin+ at one time?

A: No, we would suggest getting the Twin+ Double Snack Tray


Q: Does the Twin+ Double Snack Tray work on the Terra Double also?

A: No, they each have their own specific snack trays


Q: Can you fold the stroller away with the double tray in place?

A: Yes, you can keep the snack tray attached and close/open the stroller.


Q: Is the snack tray a whole new bar or would the snack tray fit onto the belly bar that is already on my stroller?

A: The snack tray pops on in place of the belly bar, using the same connectors!


Q: Is the Traveler compatible with a snack tray?

A: Our new 2023 model of the Traveler is compatible however, any previous year models will not be. 

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