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How to Open and Close the Traveler & TripUpdated a month ago

The Zoe Traveler & Trip strollers have a simple and compact fold, making them perfect for travel and life on the go. These instructions and pro tips will help you manage your stroller with ease. 

Opening your stroller: 

  1. Press and hold the Release button (1) while lifting the handle up and snapping the stroller away from you.
  2. Squeeze two sidebars together until the bars are parallel and you hear an audible click. This ensures the stroller is fully locked in an open position.

Pro tip: Always press the seat before using to ensure the stroller is locked in an open position.


Closing your stroller: 

  1. To close the stroller, lock the rear brakes, close the canopy, and remove your child.
  2. Press and hold the release button, (1) as you tilt the stroller backwards onto its rear wheels.
  3. Then press down on the parent handlebar and the front belly bar will fold inward.
  4. Use two hands if needed pressing the footrest and backside of the stroller seat together.

If needed, try turning the front wheels for an easier fold.


Pro tip: Make sure your seat back is at least partially reclined (not fully upright) to easily collapse the stroller.

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