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Disney transportation with the Zoe Twin ✨Updated 3 months ago

Heading to the Happiest Place On Earth? Here’s to all the magical moments (and minimal meltdowns). You can navigate all of Disney's transportation with The Twin! (The Zoe Twin V1 & V2 are Disney-approved, as well as all other current Zoe strollers.)

Let’s talk about transportation 

There are so many different ways you can get to and from the Disney parks, and if you’re park-hopping, that adds another layer! If you’re traveling with a single stroller (like the Zoe Tour or Traveler), you’ll have no problem strolling on and off Disney transportation with ease, keeping your stroller open. However, if you have the Twin, Trio, or Tribe, you’ll want to be prepared for a few different scenarios.

🚝 Monorail

No folding required for any strollers, and the doors are wide enough to accommodate opened double strollers. While the Trio and Tribe strollers will technically fit on the monorial, you may want to be prepared to remove and fold the add-on seats in case the monorail cars are too crowded to accommodate your full stroller.

🚡 Skyliner

Folding required for Twin, Trio, and Tribe strollers.

🚌 Bus

Folding required for Twin, Trio, and Tribe strollers.

🚗 Minnie Vans & other cars

Folding required for all strollers.

 ✨ Tips & Tricks

Know your transportation plan

Some resorts connect to the parks via monorail, while others use the Skyliner. If you know your resort, you can make plans for your *primary* method of park transportation. If you’re staying off-property, you’ll need to be prepared for your car transportation.

Pack your stroller strategically

Whether or not you think you’ll have to fold your stroller, we recommend you bring a large pack-flat tote with you, and try to pack the contents of your storage basket into a few contained/zipper bags (we love packing cubes for this purpose). Anytime you reach a transportation scenario where you need to fold your stroller, you can quickly unload your storage basket into the tote, zip up your stroller organizer, and fold the stroller with ease. Once you reach your destination, you can unload the bag and be ready to enter the park in just a minute or two. If you’re driving to the parks, this is also a great strategy for making your car load/unload seamless, saving you precious time at the park!

Prep for security

While you’re not required to fold your stroller to enter the park or go through security, you will be asked to unload all of the contents for security screenings. Depending on how you’ve packed your stroller, this can feel stressful. If you’ve followed our guide for packing with folding in mind (above), you’ll also feel confident going through security. You can speed up your screening process by unloading your stroller storage basket into a pack-flat tote and handing the contents of your stroller to the security agent. If everything is loosely packed, this process can be cumbersome and time-consuming. 

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