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The Twin+ FAQsUpdated 10 months ago

Does this stroller fit through doorways?

Yes, it sure does! The Twin+ is 29" wide. The width of most modern standard doorways ranges from 30-34".

Can this stroller be turned into a triple or our quad stroller? 

Yes, all Zoe Twin+ strollers can be combined with the Trio Add-On seat or the Tribe Add-On seat as your family grows. When the stroller is made into a Trio or Tribe, the add-on must be removed for folding and storage, as this helps create a compact, simple storage solution. 

Can the Twin+ be split into two single strollers? 

No, the Twin+ does not separate into two single strollers. If you're looking for a more versatile single to double option, check out our Tandem+.

How much does this stroller weigh? 

The Twin+ weighs only 19 lbs, making it the perfect travel & everyday stroller. It can be carried shoulder style with one of our carry straps, or in a storage backpack for additional protection when you're traveling.

How long will my kids be able to ride in the Twin+?

Kids all grow at different rates, so measurements are your best bet in knowing what will work for your family. The youngest age recommended for this stroller is 3 months. The maximum weight per seat is 45 lbs, and the seat back measures 23" from the bottom of the seat to the canopy, with a 18" seat back height.

How do you fold this stroller? 

The Twin+ folds simply with one quick motion - learn more about the fold & troubleshooting here. 

Is this stroller covered by a warranty? 

Yes! All Zoe strollers are covered under our 1-year warranty. Learn more about our warranty policy here. 

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