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Car Seat Adapter FAQsUpdated 3 months ago

Do your strollers accept infant car seats?

Our Tour+ and Terra Double strollers are compatible with a car seat adapter to extend the life of your stroller into the newborn days. The Terra Double is compatible with the Terra Double Car Seat Adapter and our Tour+ stroller is compatible with the Tour+ Car Seat Adapter.

Which car seats can be used with the Car Seat Adapter? 

Both our Tour+ and our Terra Double Car Seat Adapters are designed to fit Chicco & Graco infant car seats with a simple click.

 It is compatible with:

*Chicco: Keyfit 30 & Keyfit 35

*Graco: Snugride Lite 35 LX & LX Infant and Graco Premier Snugride Snugfit 35 XT, 35 Infant, 35 Infant Elite, and 35 LX infant. 

Can the Car Seat Adapter be used with the Zoe Twin+?

The Twin+ double stroller is not currently compatible with infant car seats. This stroller was designed to be a lightweight travel stroller that fits through doorways, and infant car seats have a standard width that is not compatible with the seat width of the Twin+. Our Twin+ strollers do support infants starting at 3+ months and are designed to grow with your child.

Can the Car Seat Adapter be used with the Trio+, Tribe+, or Tandem+?

Due to the seat depth and width of these strollers, our car seat adapters are not compatible with any seats on the Trio+ or Tribe+. 

Since the Tandem+ stroller uses the Tour+ as a base, you can use the adapter on the Tour+ portion, but only when the Tandem+ Add-On Seat is detached

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